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    Tara Tips...

FREE things to do ... increase CURB APPEAL:

  • Mow lawn!
  • Trim grass along the edge of the sidewalk!
  • Weed your flower beds!
  • Trim hedges and shrubs!
  • Pick up any trash, cigarette butts or doggie doo!
  • Broom steps/porch and vacuum outdoor carpeting!
  • Find another home for shoes, toys, trash, junk!
  • Remove lighting globe and wash inside and out!
  • Wash your screen/storm door and your front door!
  • Remove excess porch furniture!
  • Conceal/cover ashtrays!

                                      make your ENTRY MORE INVITING:

  • Organize shoes and/or store conveniently!
  • Remove excess junk and clutter!
​ make your
CHEAP things to do ... increase CURB APPEAL:

  • Add "bling" by spray painting mailboxes, address numbers, lighting fixtures, door knobs and doorbells in gold, silver/chrome or copper!
  • Plant in-ground flowers, plants & shrubs!
  • Add potted flowers to steps and porch!
  • Make or buy window boxes and plant with flowers!
  • Paint front door a complimentary color!
  • Paint easy to reach trim like shutters, windows, porch mantles, pillars, etc!

  • Hang coats, hats and book bags on wall hooks!