I, like many people, I have had many financial challenges in my life. I truly do understand what it means to scrimp and be very resourceful to make ends meet. But I never let that stop me from having and doing wonderful things. Whether it is furnishing my living space, dressing splendidly fashionable, entertaining my awesome friends or creating my enchanted garden, I can still enjoy life without having to spend a ton of money!

So many people let money hold them back from doing things they want to do. That's why I have created {A Lot for a Little with TARA TIPPEL!}. I want to share all of my ideas of creativity, resourcefulness, reusing, repurposing, recycling and smart shopping to improve lives. Afterall, life is short and should always be enjoyed to the fullest! 

FUN, Frugal Facts 
about me...

1. I cut my own hair...and get compliments on it - even from professional hair designers!

2. It's very difficult for me to spend over $5.00 on clothes or shoes. If it's $6.00 I  REALLY have to contimplate if it is worth it! HA!

3. I once had a dinner party and didn't have cloth napkins. As I shopped around, I discovered they were expensive ($5 + each) and not very pretty. So I made my own out of a bolt of ochre shantung fabric of which I have acquired for free months before from an out of business drapery company. I used a floral ivy stitch on my sewing maching for the seams and they turned out beautiful!

4. My friend told me that she had purchased her new designer metalic gold heels for 50% off (origninal price being in the $300 range). I told her that was rediculous and that I could by a car for that much. We laughed. The irony was that the very next day I happened to come across a truck for $300 which I bought! And it worked! I still drive it today. It's great for hauling all kinds of stuff for my crazy projects. The reaction of people is halarious when they see me getting out of my bright blue 1986 Ford in my dress and heels (which I probably paid less than $10 for my entire outfit)! Heeeeeeee Haw!
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